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Hey you found it. 

Two thousand posts, over three years of Smogon and, seriously, what is a pokemon? I hope you don’t have a burning desire of murdering me for clicking so many random images. But the first one to tell how many characters(and persons) are displayed wins……a pat on the back. What did you expect? I can’t change your post count or give you a custom title. Now I am just going to do the "name: this is how I love you" thing. So sit down, fasten your seat belts, put your helmets on and oh my God don’t you DARE to spit on the floor. 

Normally people start this with a little backstory on themselves but I have done this before. If you are willing to read, here it is: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=947797&postcount=72. Without further ado.



Oh sorry I didn’t

Alper: touhou_hijack.exe. Alper is reeeeally weird sometimes and says some wicked shit but I like him.

Atlas: contender for best poster. Seriously, he pulls out genius gems from time to time and for that I am glad. Also Touhou.

Anita: what the fuck is an e-wench? You are a cool lass, I enjoyed talking to you and seeing you counter random flirts. A "what the fuck are you doing get on IRC already" would probably fit in by that applies for me too so HEH.

AvatarST: hermano. We always engage in a silly conversation about some RPG or fighting game but he gets bored before I do. Anyway, good chats. Also Touhou. Also Pelé es mas grande que Maradona.

DoomMullet: DM is like everyone’s elder brother. I am not very sure of what this means even though I am an elder brother but I know everyone agrees with me. Or perhaps someone have said this before and I am repeating him/her/it(could be Misty). Which just makes the fact even more factual.

Doomsday: when we are not insulting each other over MSN one of us is certainly offline. We pretty much throw random mocks and nerdery all day but in the end we laugh a lot. FLY RAYQUAZA.

Hazerider: cloaked under this thick mean cover, sits a child that just wants a hug. A child that never met true love or afection. Always mislead and taken advantage of his innocence, he swore to never ever cry again because of some random son of a bitch.


I am lying, he is just mean. But we all love him, right? I know I do.

Kristy Haruka: the best troll ever? The most clueless person ever? The worst gimmick ever? Only time will tell!

Mekkah: the dutchman that does not fly. Tried to get me into Fire Emblem and would have succeeded if the game didn’t fucking suck. All in all, good person, it is fun to talk to you.

Shiv: nice guy from the future. Always insults me but I insult him back. Hosts mafiabot, wittybot(or was it gk?) and pokerbot, even though I am not into poker.

Steelicks: everyone wants to be Steelicks. Good thing this is not possible or the resulting mass would lead the universe to crunch faster than you can say "mod fuck". The first guy that made me feel acepted in the community, he is probably Smogon’s best user and if I have a badge today it is his fault.

Voodoo: thank you for making the best banner ever in the history of forever and ever to the infinity. I’d seriously consider naming my daughter Prilla, should I have one. It is such a cute name :3 Keep rocking lass and please don’t drown in a monsoon flood.

zerowing: we had our good convos when our unis permitted. Sadly, we barely see each other online now. Surprised yours truly when mentioned me in his 2k(actually 1991) thread so here is the retribution, noob. Man, get the fuck out of Cali before the Big One please.

akuchi, CaptKirby, cookie, Dak, Jackal, ryubahamut, Sakura, Vineon: it is not that would forget you, I simply don’t have anything witty or remarkable to say about this crowd but I assumed they would gang up and rape me if I didn’t metion so there you go. Drugs, Marina, bazooka, sumo, rawr, dragon, noob, bandana.




Ok sorry :(
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  1. AvatarST821arg disse:

    Nice read. And your picks for the characters in the smogon post were all great. Especially Meiling :). I knew all of them, obviously. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Interesting, still I\’ve came accross one completely opposite blog post the other day

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